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ExxonMobil prepares Singapore lubricant plant

ExxonMobil, well known for producing high quality lubricants like Mobil SHC 630 and Mobilgear 600 XP 68, has now set its sights on a brand new operation in Singapore.

The global oil company has confirmed that it will be expanding its operation into the global-city state, where it will produce a number of its synthetic lubricants, including the well-known Mobil 1 lubricant for which the company is perhaps best known.

This latest expansion into new territories will go some way to strengthening the company’s present manufacturing abilities, and will allow ExxonMobil to cater to the welling demand for their synthetic oils in the Asia-Pacific area by enabling it to produce more of its world class oils in the region.

When the new plant is completed, which is expected to be the case in about two years’ time, it will be among only six locations that produce Mobil 1 at present, and the only plant in the Asia-Pacific region to do so.

Bennett Hansen the sales director for Asia-Pacific lubricant sales at ExxonMobil said:

“Adding Singapore to our network of Mobil 1 manufacturing facilities will ensure customers’ needs are met well into the future. The new Singapore facility will employ innovative manufacturing technologies, demonstrating the company’s commitment to bringing premium products and technology to the market.”

The new plant will be located adjacent to ExxonMobil’s Jurong manufacturing site, increasing the company’s lubricants and specialities production power in the Asian nation, which has been a part of the ExxonMobil world for over a century.

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