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Five quick facts about your engine oil

There is a great deal of confusion about when to change your engine oil. Most car manufacturers will put advice and recommendations in their car manuals. However, the frequency of when to change these lubricants depends on many factors, no matter whether you are using Shell, Q8 or Mobil products.

Everybody has a different driving style, for example, which significantly affects how well vehicles perform. The amount an engine is used is important too, along with the conditions that the car is being driven in.

One thing that should not be relied on too much is the oil indicator light, which, in many instances, can come on far too late to fix the issue without there being a bigger problem in store.

Therefore, here are five quick facts about changing your engine oil:

1. Synthetic oils are great for getting a better performance from your car in low and high temperatures. They are also ideal for protecting the engine from wear and tear.

2. It is always important to check the manufacturer’s guidelines. Modern oils are being increasingly developed with oil firms to improve overall performance and efficiency. If only synthetic fuels are listed as being approved by the make of your car, it is best to go with that.

3. It is vital to know the differences between engine oils. There are three types: mineral, partially synthetic, and fully synthetic. These lubricants all offer different performance ratings and viscosity, so reading up on the differences is essential if you are changing your own oil.

4. It is a good idea to check your engine filter at the same time that your oil is being changed. This is unlikely to have to be changed as regularly as your oil, but checking it each time that your oil is replaced simply makes good sense.

5. When checking your engine lubricant, it may often appear darker in colour. To many drivers, this may seem a problem. However, the dark oil myth is well known and it does not in fact indicate that there is something wrong. Quite apart from this, it means that the oil is doing its job well and keeping debris from entering the engine.

As well as heeding the advice of the vehicle’s manual on how regularly to change your oil, it is also a sensible idea to check in with a garage. After your first oil change or servicing, the mechanics will have a better understanding of how your driving style affects the car’s use of the oil throughout its components.

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