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Fuchs now DMG MORI’s official lubricant partner

DMG MORI—a manufacturer of cutting machine tools, CNC-controlled lathes, and milling machines—launched its Qualified Products Program (DMQP) as means to provide its customers with a single source for innovative technology accessories and tailored machine peripheries. Now, building on a technology partnership that began in 2017 with Fuchs’ participation in the DMPQ, DMG MORI will now recognise the leading lubricant company as its certified provider of lubricants and cooling lubricants.

Head of Industrial Sales at Fuchs Schmierstoffet, Thomas Wilke, said about the development:

“Lubricants for the metalworking industry and designed for use in machine tools must be efficient, economical, robust and free of ingredients that are harmful to the environment and health. All relevant processes and associated lubricants must also be coordinated for sustainability reasons, as excellently demonstrated by our new ECOCOOL TNA-IDM.”

He added that Fuchs could guarantee this as the lubricants partner in the DMQP. Fuchs produces a range of modern cooling lubricants that are specifically developed to meet the diverse demands of the metalworking field, such as not being detrimental to health or the environment while still being economical and effective. The DMQP, meanwhile, seeks to bring together technology, innovation, and expertise from carefully chosen partners. Through this, the highest quality combinations of machines, accessories, and peripheries create greater levels of synergy.

Each DMQP partner is given an exclusive global DMQP quality seal for their products in areas such as monitoring, handling, shaping and measuring. It also covers additive manufacturing and the accessory and periphery components needed for this.

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