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Fuchs to become carbon neutral by 2020

Lubricant manufacturer Fuchs has committed to making its UK Stoke-on-Trent headquarters carbon neutral by 2020, despite the new year being just seven weeks away.

To achieve this ambitious target, Fuchs will apply compensation measures to offset any carbon dioxide emissions it cannot eliminate. It will do this by investing initiatives for climate protection, specifically renewable energy generation. Some 2,000 solar panels have already been installed on the roof of the plant, enough to provide 12% of its energy needs.

Fuchs has already made progress in enhancing its sustainability, having launched its sustainability strategy 10 years ago. Since 2012, customers have been able to order products like hydraulic oil in what it calls a Lube Cube. This recyclable, single-use container comes in 4, 5 and 20 litre varieties and dramatically reduces the amount of plastic needed. For example, the 20-litre Lube Cube requires 79% less plastic than a traditional plastic container. Customers also benefit from much lower disposal costs and more efficient stacking on standard pallets, saving both money and space.

Chairman of the executive board at Fuchs, Stefan Fuchs, said the company would invest in climate protection in areas with a Fuchs presence, particularly those that will help ecological, economic, and social development. He added:

“In this way we fulfil our global social responsibility in the sense of corporate citizenship. At the same time Fuchs also supports the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN to which the company has officially committed itself since 2018.”

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