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Fuel distributor announces shift to Mobil Diesel Efficient

Moffitt Services, which distributes lubricants and fuel and is based in Texas, has become one of a few distributors to announce a full shift of its diesel purchases to Mobil Diesel Efficient, which features a proprietary additive package to improve reliability and efficiency.

When compared with diesel without detergent additive, third-party tests on Class 8 vehicles have revealed an 11% reduction in NOx emissions and a 2% reduction in CO2 emissions, as well as an average fuel economy improvement of 2%. While this may not sound much, it will lower CO2 emissions by an estimated 6,100 metric tons based on Moffitt’s diesel sales alone. It should also create tangible benefits for Moffitt’s customers.

Moffitt Services Co-Owner Carl Kleimann said about the move to Mobil Diesel Efficient in a statement that:

“Labour and equipment costs are at all-time highs. This means that equipment failure and the resulting downtime are more expensive than ever before. There has never been a better time to bring this product to our customers as it will help reduce engine failures, and improve performance and fuel economy.”

While Mobil has long produced commercial vehicle oil to help ensure reliability, Mobil Diesel Efficient has been designed to keep fuel injectors clean, potentially improving power, reliability and productivity when used regularly. Mobil claims it can also protect well against corrosion in the fuel system and avoid fuel filters plugging prematurely. The fuel is also available here in the UK, where it is marketed under the Esso brand.

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