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GE Jenbacher names Shell as recommended oil supplier

Royal Dutch Shell, which is known for high-quality oil products like Shell Tellus S2 M 32 and Shell Tonna S3 M 68, recently revealed that GE Jenbacjer has recommended it as global oil provider for GE’s Type 6 and Type 4 gas engines in a deal that will last until April 2019.

Speaking about the agreement, Shell’s vice president for global key accounts, Richard Jory, said:

“This is a key milestone for Shell, taking our existing cooperation with GE’s Jenbacher gas engines to the next level. By increasing the level of collaboration between Shell and GE, we aspire to offer GE’s Jenbacher gas engine customers the excellent care and service experience we have around the world. We believe that together, anything is possible.”

All new GE Jenbacher Type 4 and Type 6 gas engines sold will carry a plate that recommends the use of Shell’s Mysella engine oil

The Shell Mysella range of oils for gas engines was developed in order to provide optimum value to operators of equipment by offering increased protection against wear, as well as long life and increased system efficiency.

A spokesperson for GE commented that the company had picked Shell for collaboration because it has a reputation for innovative technology, which the company believes can improve the performance of its own gas engines, and provide lubricant products that will benefit its customers.

Markets covered by the deal include the UK, the US, Russia Italy, Argentina, Germany, Indonesia and many more countries across the world.

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