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Gehring and Castrol to work together on fluid-condition monitoring

Gehring, a machine tool company with a worldwide presence, and leading lubricant supplier Castrol, have announced they will join forces to integrate Castrol SmartControl into the machine tools sold by Gehring. The move builds on a broader partnership that was agreed in 2018.

Castrol’s SmartControl is an automated solution for monitoring the condition of metalworking fluids in real time, allowing operators to easily track important parameters and make operational decisions with minimal manual labour.

Gehring is well known in the field of electric vehicle powertrains for its innovative production technology, and it is also a leading provider of technology for laser and honing applications. It also has considerable experience in optimising the internal combustion engines of conventional automobiles. Such advances in precision manufacturing will play a key role in meeting the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in future.

By integrating SmartControl into the machines provided by Gehring, operators will be able to track the condition of the high performance XBB fluids provided by Castrol, thus ensuring longer tool life and enhanced quality, better machine efficiency, more efficient use of fluids, and better process stability.

A board member of parent company BP Europa, Andreas Osbar, said about the upcoming collaboration:

“This cooperation marks an important milestone in our journey to become the market leader in integrated product and service solutions for the manufacturing industry. Through digitalizing the cutting fluid monitoring process, we will remove manual workload, optimize coolant consumption and improve the level of control for our customers.”

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