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How does Morris Lubricants support the agriculture sector?

Working intensively alongside the world’s leading agricultural original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) has allowed Morris Lubricants to optimise the performance of the greases, fluids oils and other lubricants it produces for agricultural vehicles and equipment. In turn, this provides modern farming operations with a dependable solution that improves service life.

The ever-increasing demand for food means that farming professionals must save time and avoid disruption whenever possible, and the greases oils and developed by Morris serve to answer this challenge. The lubrication company offers a range of multifunctional products that are specifically engineered to cover every agricultural application or requirement.

In the following sections, we’ll look at just some of the versatile products offered by Morris serving the agricultural industry.

Heavy-duty engine oils

A heavy-duty diesel-based engine oil, Versimax HD12 15W-40 is made using Group II-type base fluids. This lubricant contains a cutting-edge additive package, carefully formulated to offer top-level protection when working in severe conditions involving prolonged drain intervals, which are commonly associated with modern farming.

Versimax HD12 15W-40 has been cleverly engineered to operate with environmentally conscious systems, including diesel particulate filters, NOx reduction systems and exhaust gas recirculation systems, as well as greater use of biofuels. Environmental concerns are particularly important in the agriculture sector, where land is an investment and must be protected from contamination.

Gear oils

Designed for high performance, Lodexol FS 75W-90 is an entirely synthetic gear oil offering exceptional extreme pressure performance and excellent abilities for the load carrying required by farming operations today. Operating outside, farming machinery and vehicles require protection from corrosion and rust, safeguarding transmission components, and this lubricant from Morris is more than up to the task.

Lodexol FS 75W-90 has improved low temperature fluidity, helping operators avoid cold start issues in gear selection, like cold baulking. It can also handle gearboxes running under stress at higher temperatures. Boasting a formidable synthetic base fluid, it can maintain its lubricating film integrity – even under the most extreme shock load conditions.

Transmission fluids

A fully automatic-style transmission fluid, Liquimatic Super ATF is blended from a superior-quality mineral oil, combined with a well-balanced additive system and synthetic base fluids. This exceptional grade offers the superior performance levels demanded by today’s competitive farming industry. It delivers enhanced frictional characteristics, oxidation stability, seal compatibility, resistance to higher temperatures and the low temperature fluidity often found in the most extreme operating conditions.

While all these state-of-the-art lubrication options are ideally suited to the agricultural sector, they are employed in many other industries as well. Versimax HD12 15W-40, for example, offers the same levels of support to off-highway equipment and heavy-duty commercial vehicles in need of the same exceptional lubrication.

By developing its products in close connection with OEMs, Morris Lubricants continues to design and produce solutions that match not only the demands of modern markets, but also the latest equipment being developed. This ensures that it will remains at the forefront of its speciality, proving second-to-none lubrication solutions that can always be counted on.

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