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How Fuchs’ oil answers modern engines demands

A global leader in the lubrication industry, Fuchs Pertolab SE was founded in Germany back in 1931. From those early days, the company has grown into a multinational lubricant manufacturer thanks to its focus on developing products that answer the lubrication demands of tomorrow. There is no better example of these effort than Fuchs’ oil designed for engines.

In the following passages, we’ll examine these innovative oils and their capabilities and showcase a unique service offered by Fuchs to ensure users can track down the products they require.

Answering the engine oil demands of the future

Fuchs’ dedicated engine oils are the direct result of cutting-edge research and development performed by the world’s biggest independent lubricant maker and working in close collaboration with global leaders in automobile manufacturing. The wide range of built-for-purpose engine oils is designed to answer the needs of the high-tech engines used in modern vehicles. Fuchs’ oils for engines offer power, durability, fuel efficiency and maximum protection against wear.

These engine oils also offer high performance and optimum protection in engines used in all passenger vehicles, along with those employed in agriculture, transport and construction. These cleverly formulated oils also perform other key roles, cooling, flushing and cleaning engines to extend their lifespan and ensure they run effectively.

As a leading lubrication supplier for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the Fuchs brand offers a comprehensive engine oil range that supports the highest OEM quality.

Introducing XTL Technology

Using its innovative XTL® Technology, Fuchs is able to create engine oils that are fuel efficient, boast reduced oil consumption and benefit from exceptional cold-start attributes. The main technological advantage exists in the optimised viscosity-temperature behaviour. The reliance of the oil’s viscosity on its temperature is substantially lower, and therefore the potential performance is exceptional under both extremely cold and excessively hot operating conditions.

What products are included in the Fuchs engine oil range?

Fuchs’ high-quality selection offers oils for a wide range of vehicles and delivers many added benefits. Engine oils are available for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and trucks, with each product meeting every technical requirement of diesel and gas engine oils, while delivering comfort and safety.

Its dedicated product programme encompasses engine oils with approval from numerous car manufacturers, including Porsche, Audi, VW, Volvo, BMW, Land Rover and Jaguar. All engine oils produced by Fuchs meet the latest specifications and approvals from OEMs.

How can you find the correct engine oil for your vehicles?

To run at optimum, it is vital that an engine uses the oil recommended by its OEM. However, tracking down the right engine oil that is compatible with your vehicle is not always so simple.

Fortunately, Fuchs offers a series of solutions to make this task easier. For an overview of its extensive array of automotive lubricants designed for commercial vehicles and passenger cars, users can use its dedicated product finder. To ensure its customers achieve their optimum level of lubrication, it also offers the step-by-step oil chooser option. Finally, for users seeking other types of lubricant, Fuchs provides a useful product assistant tool.

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