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How to make the best use of motor oil

Engine oil, naturally enough, is best employed as a lubricant to ensure that your car’s machinery stays in tip-top condition for the longest period of time. Spending millions of pounds to constantly develop better and more effective engine oils, the leading brands like Q8, Shell, Fuchs, and Mobil provide lubricants proven to work in the most hostile of environments.

Makes are better

Due to this constant research, branded oils tend to perform better across the board and carry on working effectively for longer. As such, there is somewhat of a false economy when using lubricants of a lower quality. Other than not lasting nearly as long before it needs to be replaced, they simply do not protect the engine as well.

Maintenance is key

While finding the best brands at the most affordable prices is key, properly maintaining your car will ensure that only the necessary volumes of oil are used.

This means, of course, that your vehicle should be serviced regularly. A frequent servicing schedule can make all the difference to how a car performs, how long it lasts, and in what condition it maintains throughout its lifecycle.

Check your lubricant

Basic maintenance at home can make a huge difference too, and this includes checking your oil levels regularly. Topping up immediately as the oil drops will ensure the best performance, as the engine and oil do not have to work as hard to come together.


When engine oil needs replacing, you can optimise its use too. Home recycling is possible, with properly filtered oils ideal to use in other engines or as an emergency lubricant. However, there are many organised recycling and disposal centres around the country, which will ensure the best use of your unwanted motor oil in industry, commercial operations or as responsibly disposed of waste.

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