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How to oil a motorcycle chain

Keeping your motorcycle in the best condition possible not only gives you a sense of pride, but helps you stay safe on the road. To help with this, leading brands such as Mobil, Q8, and Shell offer market leading oils and lubricants for the discerning biker.

While having regular professional services to your ride just makes sense, some basic tasks such as washing and cleaning the bike are easily possible to do yourself. Similarly, you may find it beneficial to begin oiling your motorcycle at home.

It is also possible to use motor oil to lubricate and clean a chain that is showing a few signs of rust. However, if it is badly rusted, buying a replacement chain will likely prove a lot more cost effective. It will certainly help to keep you safe and secure as your enjoy biking the roads of Britain.

Any engine oil, gearbox lubricant or automotive oil can be used, but using as good a quality as possible is sensible.

The most important aspect when oiling your chain is to not run the bike as you do so. As such, ensuring that the engine is completely turned off is essential.

Next, standing the bike firmly and manually turning the wheel to rotate the chain, while using an oil can or paintbrush for ease of application, you should carefully apply the lubricant to the whole chain. Protecting other areas of the bike, such as the brake pads, with an old rag or newspaper will help to keep it clean and, of course, safe.

Regularly oiling your chain will keep dirt and dust to a minimum, meaning that you can happily stay on the road. It is important to make sure that you know what you are doing, however, and, if in doubt, asking for some professional help will just make sense.

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