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How to save money with food grade lubricants

Businesses have to make as many efficiency savings as possible in order to compete in an ever tightening global market. With money being spent more cautiously and with more products available, every penny counts, so it is important that companies of all sizes take a closer look at their business to identify areas in which they can save money.

Of course, sometimes, in order to save money, one has to spend money and this can be particularly true in the realm of industrial lubricants. By spending a little extra, and choosing your lubricants wisely, you can get the most out of your process, improve efficiency and save money in one fell swoop.

Food grade lubricants

Many companies now choose mineral-based lubricants as a matter of course, and although mineral-based oils are suitable in a number of cases, they are not always the best choice, with good quality food grade lubricants being an excellent alternative in many cases.

One of the best arguments for using food grade lubricants is the fact that they are very closely inspected and issued certification by the National Sanitation Foundation. This certification is a good indicator of their quality, which means that you can almost always buy food grade lubricants with confidence.

Better performance

Another aspect that must be considered when deciding whether to choose a food based lubricant is the fact that these lubes tend to perform better in comparison to many other lubricants. This is primarily because they are better able to resist oxidation, meaning that you will need to use much less oil overall compared to an alternative lubricant.

Better green credentials

Because food grade lubricants are less prone to oxidation, they are a better choice for the environment, as fewer natural resources will need to be used to keep your machinery in good shape. So if you’re the kind of company who cares about the environment or trades on your green credentials, food grade lubes are the natural choice.

Increased performance

As well as the above, it is fair to say that food grade lubricants tend to offer an increased level of performance, with an average service life three times longer than that of traditional lubricants. Again, this will help you to save money whilst avoiding compromising your machinery or the quality of your products.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider paying a bit more for a better class of lubricant, especially when you know it will save you money in the long term.

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