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How to stop a door creaking

A creaking car door can become very annoying very quickly, but there is no need to put up with the noise. Easy to fix with lubricants that are readily close to hand, you can use motor oil from most manufacturers, such as Shell, Mobil and Fuchs.

One way to have your creaking door fixed is to drive to your nearest car service centre. Telling them the problem will most likely see a can of oil appear from somewhere and your door will be fixed within moments. There is also a reasonable chance that it will be done free of charge, though this is at the centre’s discretion.

Many car service centres also fix annoying squeaks and creaks as part of regular servicing, which is always useful. Alternatively, you can do it yourself:

First Step: Open the offending door the whole way and apply upwards pressure to it. Any movement suggests a bigger problem. If this is the case, head to the service centre. Other things to look for include problems closing the door and clunking.

Second Step:
Next, gently swing the car door to ascertain at what point the creaking starts. It is likely that just one hinge will be affected, which this will help you discover, though both connection points could be in need of attention.

Third Step: Taking your oil of choice (using a supplied connecting tube for any aerosol sprays if use them), shake it very well. Applying care and minimising spray everywhere, oil the contact points of the upper and lower car door hinges where the hinge meets the pin at both the top and bottom. The car door stop also needs to be oiled.

Fourth Step: With everything thoroughly lubricated, gently swing the door forwards and backwards again. The creaking will probably still be there but, once the oil has worked into every crevice with the door movement, it should lessen and stop within moments.

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