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How to store synthetic motor oils for extended periods

With synthetic engine lubricants playing such an important role in the performance and maintenance of car engines, understanding how it should be properly stored is essential.

Shelf life

The first thing you need to know is the shelf life of the product, which will be advised by the manufacturer of the oil itself. In the case of major producers such as Mobil, Shell, and Fuchs, there will also be advice on their own websites.

The shelf life given will be that according to the optimum storage conditions, so ensuring that the guidelines are adhered to as closely as possible is vital.

Why adequate storage is important

Storing motor oil correctly ensures the given shelf life of the product can be attained. If engine lubricants are not stored correctly, the chemical composition will break down at an advanced rate. Over time, this will reduce the effectiveness of the product and risk damaging the engine’s components.

In both products consisting of a petroleum base and those without, synthetic oil ensures hydrocarbon within the mix is evenly distributed. This makes it effective at both high and low temperatures.

However, not storing it correctly will cause this distribution to become uneven, and thus unpredictable at different temperature ranges.

The storage environment

The above explains why it is so important to store your engine oil correctly, but the most important element to get right is where it is kept.

For example, if moisture levels are too high, the water will create a chemical reaction. This will lead to the creation of substances and debris, immediately introducing harmful matter into your engine when the oil is used.

The temperature is also important, with long lasting periods either above 100°F or below 0°F causing significant oil composition breakdown, which will degrade its lubricating qualities. Fluctuating temperatures are not good either.

Subsequently, keeping the oil in its original container within a stable and clement environment is the ideal.

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