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How your business can get the most out of its machinery

Plant machinery is extremely expensive and often vital to the daily running of a business, which is why it is so important that you are able to make the most of the apparatus you own.

The way to do this is by carrying out regular preventative maintenance. With that in mind, here is a list of things you should do to keep your equipment running at its absolute best:

Schedule and carry out maintenance

No matter how well plant machinery is made and looked after, it will inevitably suffer from breakdown and wear at some point in its life. The good news is, by creating a regular schedule for maintenance and sticking to it, you can prolong the life of your machines. This means that you will need to replace components on schedule, based on detailed predictions of their likely lifespan. You can work this out by implementing the following point.

Daily usage notes

In order to gauge just how well your machinery is running, it is a good idea to keep a daily log of its use. By monitoring operations each day, it is possible to pinpoint how equipment is being used and when those operating it are not adequately skilled. In turn, this will enable you to cut down on machinery breakdowns and wear, which will happen as a result of improper usage.

Regular lubrication

Heavy machinery that is used on a daily basis requires frequent lubrication, if it is to work at its peak and avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Using quality lubrication oil made by a company like Shell or Fuchs regularly will help to keep moving parts such as cogs, bearings and lifts in great shape.

Monitor components for wear

By keeping a close eye on the individual components of your machinery, you can spot the signs of wear and tear as soon as they happen. This will enable you to work out the general state of your plant equipment and replace components before they cause larger problems.

Regular cleaning

As well as using lubrication oil on a regular basis, you will need to set a frequent cleaning schedule for your heavy machinery too. This will help to prevent contamination and build-up, which can clog up systems and cause corrosion or breakdown.

If you implement all of the above at your place of work, you will notice that your machinery will tend to last longer, experiences less wear and fewer breakages, and run at its peak.

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