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Humber industrial cluster to get Shell decarbonisation technology

Shell Catalysts & Technologies has been selected by the Zero Carbon Humber scheme, which is led by Equinor, to provide carbon-capture technology to help decarbonise VPI Immingham, which is a combined heat-and-power (CHP) station that produces 1.24 gigawatts of the power and heat needed for about a quarter of the country’s refining capacity.

The power station’s stacks currently emit flue gas that is rich in carbon. Shell, which also makes industrial lubricants like slideway oil, says it will retrofit its post-combustion, carbon-capture Cansolv CO2 technology to the stacks, with its partner Technip Energies assisting in the unit’s design. Shell says this can prevent up to 95% of CO2 within the flue gas from reaching the atmosphere, with it instead being compressed and pumped via offshore infrastructure, which will also be used by the Teesside industrial cluster for storage under the North Sea.

Andy Gosse, the President of Shell Catalysts & Technologies, said that the project will lead the way for the country and region’s progress toward net-zero:

“And will be an important front-runner for the world of carbon capture and storage. A pilot campaign run at the VPI plant, conducted with our partner Technip, will be a key next step to demonstrate the strength of Cansolv technology in capturing CO2 in natural gas-fired power generation.”

Several organisations have come together to establish Zero Carbon Humber, which is committed to making the Humber industrial cluster the first in the world to achieve net zero by 2040.

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