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India’s fondness for fried foods could cut oil imports

India believes that its country’s love of frying could enable it to produce around two million tons of biodiesel each year.

The Indian government is attempting to cut crude imports as its economy grows and it becomes ever more reliant on fuel to keep the country afloat.

The head of the Indian Working Group on Biofuels, Y. B. Ramakrishna, believes that the 1.3 billion people of the country will make it possible to make a minimum of two million tons of biodiesel by processing restaurants’ used cooking oil each year.

Speaking in an interview in New Delhi last week, he described these opportunities as “low hanging fruits”.

Ramakrishna also mentioned the fact that state-run fuel retailers were set to announce investments in biofuel very soon, although he did not specify which Indian companies would do so.

Growth in India’s consumption of crude oil is expected to outdo every other nation on the planet in the decades to come, which means that it will still be a major consumer of crude, even if it does manage to source a percentage of its fuel needs from biodiesel. Nonetheless, this something it wants to do due to the precariousness of relying heavily on crude imports as the country continues to grow.

According to Ramakrishna, it should be possible for the country to achieve a 10% reduction in crude imports using biodiesel. However, it will still rely on companies like Royal Dutch Shell, which makes Shell Tellus S2 M 46, for much of its fuel needs.

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