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Iran starts dispatching Euro 4 compliant oil

The National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company recently revealed that Iran has shipped its first batch of Euro 4-compliant gas oil to worldwide markets.

The Mahshahr region director for the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company, Mahmoud Taherizadeh said:

“In the first four months of the current Iranian calendar year, about 184 million liters of diesel fuel with Euro 4 standards have been exported from Mahshahr oil terminal…”

He also commented on the fact that roughly 960 million litres of mazut were shipped to markets across the globe over four months, in addition to the huge amount of diesel oil the company has shipped.

He also stated that year-on-year looking at the same time, mazmut shipments equaled 472 million litres. He noted that as the Mahshahr terminal had not distributed any oil gas in the previous twelve months, then this is the first instance this year that Euro 4-compliant oil exports have been sent from Mahshahr terminal.

Taherizadeh went on to say that this terminal was now a ‘major corridor’ for petroleum based exports. He also said that exports of mazut and diesel exports are predicted to continue their growth in the coming months and years.

The Iranian year starts on March 20th, and in this present year the country exported approximately 9-9.5 million litres of gas oil each and every day. These numbers represent a growth of twice the number of litres compared to last year.

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