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Looking after the wellbeing of metalworkers

Health and safety is a critical concern for firms engaged in metalworking. It is, however, important to recognise that a lot of progress has been made in this area. For example, asthma and dermatitis are not nearly as prevalent among metalworkers as they once were. As long as appropriate products are used with care, the risk to employees should be limited.

When it comes to health and safety, a partnership approach is always the best way forward; a business should make the effort to engage with its workforce, while individual workers must commit to prudent behaviour. For instance, there are special tips of which a metalworker should take note.

Firstly, a metalworker should ensure that their health is checked out regularly by a doctor. Secondly, the mist associated with metalworking should be minimised by taking suitable precautions. Thirdly, equipment must always be kept clean during its active life. Management however, does have specific responsibilities and these need to be explored.

Purchase the best products

Fuchs has come up with particular products that will make the health and safety responsibilities of an employer easier to fulfil than would otherwise be the case. It is a shrewd move to scrutinise the specific qualities of each product, but some general points can be made.

Fuchs, a lubricant manufacturer, has invested considerable time and resources into coming up with advanced products. One of them has the necessary qualities to be used legally in 19 key countries. This metalworking fluid is a premium brand and a lot of research has been done in order to produce a substance of this quality. Health and safety is important in a range of territories and Fuchs has acknowledged this with this product.

The cutting fluid in question has a better than average life span. In practice, this means that its acidity is maintained over a long period. The fluid also has the capacity to extend its emulsion stability over a considerable time interval. When people have confidence in a substance, they are more likely to use it properly than if they do not.

In addition, the cutting fluid has an ability to keep tools in prime condition. This can save businesses a considerable amount of money. The problem of premature tool damage can be inconvenient and it can lead to replacement with inferior tools. Poor quality equipment can make accidents more probable.

At the end of the day, both workers and managers can rest assured that using Fuchs’ cutting fluid, they are using a product that has been designed not to irritate the skin, but also to preserve equipment, creating a safer and productive working environment.

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