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Lubmarine publishes white paper about lubricant choices

Lubmarine, a subsidiary of the company formally known as Total that specialises in marine lubrication, has published a white paper to inform ship operators about how they can avoid expensive engine failures through on-ship oil management and quality lubricant selection.

The 40 pages of the white paper, which is titled “Adapting to Life in the Post IMO2020 Landscape”, focus on the consequences the shipping industry is facing, and will face in future, following the introduction of IMO2020, which cut the amount of sulphur that ships can emit. It highlights the importance of a quality lubrication strategy for achieving reliable, safe engine operation, a low level of risk and a longer life expectancy for engines.

The paper offers further insights, guidance and advice for engineers and operators in the post-IMO2020 period, so they can realise the importance of choosing a suitable lubricant and following it up with periodic analysis.

Serge Dal Farra, the Global Marketing Manager Lubmarine, said about the white paper:

“Using the right lubricant in the right amount to deliver optimum performance together with smart engine monitoring is the goal every vessel operator is ultimately seeking. Our goal through this white paper is to guide operators and help drive home the importance of engine cleanliness.”

The white paper is just one of a series of documents that TotalEnergies is publishing to give key insights to the marine sector, demonstrating its commitment to the industry for all of its shipping-related products, which include fuel additives, lubricants and marine fuels.

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