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Lubricant gets seal of approval from Boeing

One of the oils produced by the Fuchs Lubricants Company has received further accreditation from a multinational aircraft manufacturer.

The cutting fluid Ecocool S761B from Fuchs has won Boeing’s approval for interior aluminium, titanium, heat treated steel, and multi-metal stacks, securing its Revision U BAC 5008 accreditation covering both areas two and three.

This lubricant already had Boeing accreditation for areas five and six, but to win this additional standing it had to pass a series of intensive tests, evaluating the levels of protection against corrosion, and exploring what possible micro-structural effects it could have on metals used in Boeing machinery.

It represents the latest in a string of similar accreditations that Fuchs Ecocool S761B has secured, joining those awarded by Pratt and Whitney (PMC 9346-1) and Rolls Royce (CSS 129).

The lubricant is one of a number of oils in this particular range from Fuchs, which also includes the likes of Fuchs Ecocool Ultralife A, and it was created by the firm primarily for use with hard metals like titanium.

It is a soluble coolant that is said to offer high levels of performance, along with protection against steel, copper, brass, and aluminium corrosion, adequate foam control, and long life. A Warwick University study suggested that Fuchs Ecocool S761B provides a superior product performance when it comes to tool wear than that offered by any of the firm’s rivals.

Those results now appear to be supported by Boeing’s decision to make more extensive use of the lubricant in their machines.

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