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Lubrication solutions for sustainability and profitability from Q8

The Q8Oils brand has developed an extensive range of products, dedicated services and high-quality solutions designed to enhance profits and business resilience for its customer base. No item of equipment is too large or too small for Q8’s impressive portfolio to serve. Boasting 1,000 different products for all applications required, Q8 designs, blends and produces lubricants enhanced with the latest technology available.

The oils manufactured by Q8 find their foundations in the company’s European labs, where extensive research and development (R&D) work is performed. Following design, the high-spec oils are manufactured in Q8’s dedicated blending plants. All lubricants produced by the company employ premium quality oils as a base, enforced by cutting-edge innovations to guarantee the products produced by Q8 always deliver superior quality and receive approval from all major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

A diverse and international customer base

Serving lubrication needs worldwide in 90 different countries, Q8 believes in making the process of doing business simple for customers. Delivering a single supply-style solution for an extensive list of applications, Q8 products serve not only the general industry market, but also specific segments, including energy, automotive and metalworking. Applying a customer-focused approach constructed on a firm framework of service and product innovations, expert technical skill and support, Q8 is among the leading lubricant suppliers for enterprises operating internationally.

Research and development

Innovation and quality control are at the heart of Q8’s operations. An excellent example of this is the company’s creation of a dedicated R&D programme to ensure optimisation of all existing Q8 products, as well as the development of innovative new lubricants to meet specific and sometimes challenging customer requirements.

The team based in Q8’s R&D department also work on ways to enhance production processes, quality control and product application by delivering crucial information regarding environmental, security and health and safety issues. Due to its heavy investment in R&D, Q8 is able to formulate many of the high-spec additives that infuse its products. This can be particularly useful when it is necessary to develop a specific resolution to a problem or challenge faced by a customer or OEM, and also to deliver performance and quality that exceeds expectations.

Cutting-edge blending plants

Q8’s dedicated blending plants based in Italy and Belgium are the core of its lubrication manufacturing stage. Both facilities have been designed and constructed to answer the highest demands for efficiency and quality, and are fully compliant with local security, safety, environmental and health regulations. The blending plant in Belgium’s Antwerp is the largest facility of its type in Europe and manages the delivery of raw materials, while the Castellar Guidobono Blending Plant in Italy supplies Q8 customers around the world with Roloil, Germ-Allcard and marine-branded offerings. On account of its flexibility, the plant can deliver a wide range of solutions for specialist requirements, while a lab onsite handles both product development and quality control.

Ongoing ambition for manufacturing

The continuing mission of Q8 is to design lubricants that can exceed the highest levels of performance required, while simultaneously answering user needs and working responsibly, using methods developed to protect the environment.

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