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Maersk to divide and concentrate on North Sea operations

Maersk, the family-owned shipping giant based in Copenhagen, is going to be split, with its energy interest focusing more closely on the North Sea.

The company, which was once known as AP Miller-Maersk, will concentrate on its logistics and transport business and the energy division will lower its worldwide reach to concentrate primarily on the North Sea, where it has a vast amount of experience and expertise.

The company’s energy division currently has approximately 800 employees based in Aberdeen, and these work both onshore and off.

As a whole, the company employs 88,000 individuals and has operations in 130 countries, bringing in a turnover in excess of £31bn.

The company has stated that work will continue on pre-existing energy projects, some of which are the largest and most important projects in the UK offshore sector. However, the company hinted that any new investment commitments it makes are likely to be low, especially in oil tankers and drilling.

Maersk Oil has been operating in the North Sea, alongside other major oil corporations like Royal Dutch Shell, which makes Shell Gadus S2 V100 3, for around 11 years, and has been involved in some of the biggest projects in that time, Golden Eagle being one.

The company has been weakened in recent years due to a serious fall in rates for shipping containers, a slowdown in the oil trade and the world container fleets’ extra tonnage, so it is perhaps not surprising that the company is taking steps to streamline its business.

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