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Making environmental lubricant choices

Hydroelectric power stations may provide more environmentally friendly sources of energy than traditional power stations. However, that does not mean that we should not be concerned with the environmental impact that the power stations themselves have.

In the past, the primary focus on hydroelectric power stations has always been on its physical structure and the way in which its blends into its environment, as well as its impact on aquatic life, but it is fair to say that the way in which hydroelectric power stations are maintained is also important in terms of the environment. For example, if just a little bit of oil was to leak from such a structure, it could have a huge impact on the surrounding environment for miles around.

Luckily, it is very easy to minimize the impact of such station by altering the way in which lubricants are used. Here are some of the main points we need to consider:

Choosing the best lubricant for the environment

Making positive environmental lubricant choices does not mean that you have to compromise on quality, functionality or reliability. In fact, making environmentally friendly lubricant choices can be just as affordable, functional and efficient as before.

Changing oil equipment

One of the simplest changes you can make to improve the environmental credentials of your station is to avoid changing oil equipment until it has reached the end of its useful life. If this was implemented routinely, not only would the environment benefit, but also so would your finances. However, it is a step rarely put into practice because changing oil arbitrarily, or because it is contaminated and removing those contaminants is not carried out, equipment tends to be changed much more often than needs be.

By rectifying this situation, stations will produce less lubricant waste, save money on labour and equipment and shut down less.

Choosing an effective product

Another important way to increase a hydro power station’s environmental credentials is to choose an effective lubricant product in the first place. By choosing the most appropriate oil for each application, whether it be from Fuchs, Shell, Q8 or another brand, you will be able to lower costs, reduce wear and tear, change oil less frequently (resulting in fewer spillages) and see a whole host of other benefits.

To ensure you choose the right oil, you should always study the OEM and choose a lubricant that most closely matches the needs of your system and the recommended lube characteristics. If possible, you should also try to opt for a biodegradable oil fluid, as well as high quality fluids, which you may be able to recycle into lower functioning equipment at a later date.

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