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Massive wind farm project gets go-ahead

Plans for an enormous wind farm at Dogger Bank have received the green light from the Government, with the development set to lead to the creation of hundreds of jobs.

The Creyke Beck wind farm is predicted to produce 2.4GW of power, via as many as 400 wind turbines, potentially providing electricity for around two million households.

This project will be over twice as large as the biggest existing offshore wind power facility in the UK, with the cost of building it having been estimated at between £6bn and £8bn.

Should it be completed, the Dogger Bank wind farm will cover an area of approximately 430 square miles, meet 2.5% of Britain’s electricity requirements, and create jobs for around 900 people in Humberside and Yorkshire.

It will also provide opportunities for the suppliers of lubricants that offer water-resistant protection against rust, which would make them suitable for applications like wind turbines, including Q8 Rembrandt EP2 and Mobil SHC Gear 220.

The offshore renewables director for RenewableUK, Nick Medic, said:

“This is an awesome project and will surely be considered as one of the most significant infrastructure projects ever undertaken by the wind industry. Dogger Bank demonstrates the sheer potential of offshore technology to turn our vast ocean and wind resources into green energy.”

He went on to add that the development would push the envelope for offshore engineering, showing the evolution of this technology over the decade since the very first offshore wind facility launched at North Hoyle.

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