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Mobil Pegasus Ultra launched

Global oil company ExxonMobil, known for manufacturing quality lubricants like Mobil Delvac SGO 75W90, has recently launched its latest gas engine oil – Mobil Pegasus Ultra.

Mobil Pegasus Ultra was promoted for the first time at Power-Gen Europe earlier this year. The new engine oil has been designed to help optimise the performance of engines that run on landfill gas and biomass. It has been formulated due to the growing trend for companies to generate power with biomass and landfill, rather than more traditional sources.

Mobil Pegasus 605 Ultra has been formulated in such a way that it reduces wear and scuffing considerably. It also offers a high level of carbon and varnish deposit control, which will all help to mitigate against the challenge faced by engines powered by biomass and landfill gases, as these are contaminated with the likes of sulphides, halides and siloxanes that can accelerate wear and tear and reduce engine durability.

When field tests were performed on Mobil Pegasus 605 Ultra, it was found that the product was able to extend oil drain intervals in engines significantly when compared to conventional gas engine oils. The product racked up 18,000 test hours on a customer’s engine and was able to double oil drain intervals while reducing scuffing and improving the overall cleanliness of the engine.

The test customer was so impressed by the results that it has since switched all of its engines to Mobil Pegasus 605 Ultra in an effort to improve performance and power.

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