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Mobilgard 540 to be available next week

ExxonMobil has announced that its new Mobilgard 540 oil will be made available from Monday, September 2.

This new 40BN cylinder oil for the marine industry is specially designed to work with the new ultra-low-sulphur fuels needed to comply with the lower sulphur caps being brought into force by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) next year.

Major ports around the world—such as Rotterdam, Singapore, and Antwerp—will have the new oil available at launch, but ExxonMobil will also be extending availability to other outlets in its delivery network. Interested operators should monitor ExxonMobil’s guide to ports and services for updates about availability.

In addition to being engineered for compliance with low-sulphur emissions, Mobilgard 540 is also compatible with existing Mobilgard cylinder oils, helping operators to ease the shift to the new lubricant. Being compatible in any proportions, this removes the need to drain the tank before using Mobilgard 540.

Of course, using ultra-low-fuels like those in ExxonMobil’s EMF.5 fuels range is just one way to ensure compliance with the IMO’s reduced sulphur cap, so ExxonMobil, which also supplies industrial lubricants to Mobil stockists, also makes other cylinder oils for marine use. Mobilgard 570, for example, is intended for ship owners that prefer to use high-sulphur fuels in combination with a scrubber to reduce sulphur emissions, while Mobilgard 5100 is designed for very corrosive engines with scrubbers.

For ships passing through Emission Control Areas, Mobilgard 525 is also available for use in combination with the 0.10% sulphur fuels required for such areas.

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