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Mosaic Materials and ExxonMobil join to explore carbon capture

ExxonMobil has added a new pathway to explore scalable carbon capture technology with its announcement that it has come to an agreement Mosaic Materials, which has developed technology to extract carbon dioxide from emissions through advanced chemistry.

Speaking for ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, its vice president of research and development, Vijay Swarup, said about the new agreement:

“New technologies in carbon capture will be critical enablers for us to meet growing energy demands, while reducing emissions. Our agreement with Mosaic expands our carbon capture technology research portfolio, which is evaluating multiple pathways—including evaluation of carbonate fuel cells and direct air capture—to reduce costs and enable large-scale deployment.”

ExxonMobil, the oil major that also makes advanced lubricants for Mobil stockists, already has a large collection of agreements with various government agencies, academic institutions, and commercial start-ups to develop new technologies suitable for the future in areas like decreasing the emission of greenhouse gasses and enhancing energy efficiency.

The chief executive officer of Mosaic Materials, Thomas McDonald, said that the agreement would enable the company to speed up the development of its proprietary technology, which can extract carbon dioxide from just about any mixture of gases. What’s more, this technology, which utilises metal-organic frameworks to filter carbon dioxide from gaseous emissions, lowers costs and reduces the energy required by only using modest pressure and temperature changes. Mosaic hopes to demonstrate how businesses can profit from the environmental, as well as business, benefits of this technology,

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