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New Apex Oil Lab facility unveiled

A US company that provides an independent oil analysis service to customers worldwide has just opened a new laboratory.

Michigan-based Apex Oil Lab stated that the facility will use the latest technology to provide rapid oil analysis for a variety of equipment types, offering a service that is almost an extension of the customer’s maintenance team.

The new laboratory will provide oil analysis on engines, transmission, compressors, gear systems, hydraulics, and turbines. The company’s use of the latest equipment for testing will enable it to offer a fast turnaround, which aims to be either on the same day or within 24 hours in the case of most tests.

As well as giving out results, the centre will also provide recommendations and expert analysis, which will be customised so that the information assists the work of customers’ maintenance teams.

Apex Oil Lab’s owner, Jason Rainey, said that the company hopes its reports and recommendations will lead to cost savings, along with better equipment performance and longevity for customers. The lab offers a special ‘private label’ service for equipment manufacturers and lubricant distributors, so that they can provide oil analysis for their own clients.

The firm has worked with global oil giants such as ExxonMobil and Castrol in the past, providing support for their industrial and automotive products. For a company like ExxonMobil, which produces commercial engine oils such as Mobil Delvac SGO 75W90, as well as a wide range of other products, accurate oil analysis is vital for success.

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