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New digital platform aims to help source marine fuels and lubricants

Ship operators may now find it easier to source the right fuels and lubricant products thanks to a new digital platform launched by Bulugo. The new platform covers ports around the world and provides rapid, transparent pricing.

Fuel can constitute up to 70% of the operating cost for a vessel, but Bulugo claims it can help operators reduce this and gain a competitive advantage by using its technology. Users can search for potential suppliers in their online database based on various criteria, such as IMO sulphur emissions compliance, fuel variety and availability dates. At the same time as purchasing fuel, buyers can also stock up on the correct lubricant products, which may also be affected by IMO 2020 compliance.

The bunker industry is ripe for digitalisation according to Adrian Phillimore, the operations director at Bulugo, especially given the pressure to reduce carbon emissions and comply with the new tighter IMO regulations. He said:

“Pressure to reduce operating costs whilst addressing climate change makes the bunker industry ripe for technological disruption. Bulugo’s smart technology supported by our team’s experience in the marine industry will benefit all users of the platform.”

The team at Bulugo features a number of veterans from the oil and lubricant businesses. Phillimore himself has over 40 years of experience in the industry, while Zoe Rossi, the company’s marketing directory, has previously worked at Castrol in its industrial, marine, and energy divisions. Grant Norton, who previously worked at Vivergo Fuels, is the partnership director.

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