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New oil solution could improve fleet fuel efficiency

A prototype that has been described by oil-blending firm Morris Lubricants as a “total lubricant solution” could be set to create major fuel savings for commercial vehicle companies.

The firm’s manager of technical services, Simon Matthews, stated recently that the company has thus far tested the product on 15 different commercial vehicles, carrying payloads of an average 14 tonnes, with encouraging early results.

Although it is very early days and the solution is still undergoing tests, the findings of the initial trials showed a reduction of 4% in fuel costs. Should further testing of the product demonstrate clear improvements in fuel efficiency, it seems likely that it will eventually filter through to the wider industry and possibly end up being stocked by the providers of existing top-range engine oil products, such as Mobil Delvac Super 1400 15W/40.

The next stage in the trial process will involve the oil solution being tested on an additional 12 commercial vehicles, as the company seeks to discover whether greater operating efficiency can be achieved, with the aim being to reach 8% in fuel savings.

Speaking to a reporter from Transport Engineer, Matthews said:

“The target is to allow operators of large fleets to make substantial reductions to their fuel expenditure with subsequent reductions in operating temperatures of transmissions and differentials, thus reducing power losses.”

The upcoming tests will see the vehicles using the oil travelling on a range of different routes; including long distance ones and those taking in traffic-heavy inner-city transport roads.

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