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New oil with corrosion and wear protection launched by Klϋber

Specialty oil manufacturer Klϋber Lubrication has announced the production of a new synthetic gear grease, offering greater levels of protection against wear, tear and corrosion.

The company states that the Klϋbersynth GE 46-1200 lubricant is ideally suited to temperature levels between -30°C and 120°C, and is capable of handling heavy loads. This makes it practical for a number of different types of machinery, with wind turbines amongst them.

This new grease is manufactured without the use of solid or lead lubricants, and is intended to provide lubrication for worm, bevel, and spur gears, in addition to roller and ball guides, sliding and rolling bearings, and toothed couplings.

Klϋber North America service and application engineer Craig Desrochers stated:

“Klϋbersynth GE 46-1200 has the benefits of a polyglycol base oil in a fluid grease form.”

He added that it also offers a large degree of resistance to oxidisation, which can provide a longer work life with lower friction.

Should the new oil prove successful, it is likely to filter through to the wider industry, and could soon be stocked by providers of existing lubricants compatible with wind turbines, like Mobil SHC Gear 220.

The firm has also announced the introduction of a second oil, Klϋbersynth UH1 6, which it claims offers superb resistance to oxidation and ageing, as well as thermal stability, leading to longer service life and less need for maintenance.

Klϋber has established itself as a leading specialty lubricant manufacturer, providing high-quality oils for numerous different applications and industries, developed and produced to the requirements of the individual clients.

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