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New record for power production set by UK wind farms

Figures released by the National Grid showed that British wind farms powered approximately 43% of the nation’s homes recently.

The statistics, which were for Sunday the 7th of December, set a new record by indicating that the wind turbines produced an average 7.315GW-worth of power. This surpassed the 7.234GW record set in January of 2014.

News of this record-breaking performance by UK wind farms comes on top of preliminary statistics indicating that they met over 100% of the domestic electricity requirements in Scotland during November, making for an encouraging few weeks for the renewable energy sector.

The findings have reportedly been greeted with delight by groups within the industry, who have frequently argued that wind farms located in onshore settings provide the UK with the most cost-effective renewable power option.

However, such high performance would not be possible without the availability of lubricants like Mobil SHC Gear 220, which are designed to meet the particular demands of powering wind turbines.

Those within the industry also argue that wind farms are among the more popular types of energy technology, with a survey conducted by Accent showing that 61% of people would be happy to have turbines near their homes.

Jennifer Webber, from the industry trade body RenewableUK, commented:

“This research shows the majority of people welcome wind turbines near them, and no wonder when they’re providing clean, domestic power when it’s needed most like on cold December Sundays.”

She claimed that this was true of people from all backgrounds.

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