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New Shell hub for GTL base oil opened near Dubai

One of the world’s major oil manufacturers has announced the launch of a new facility dedicated to base oil gas-to-liquid (GTL) storage in the UAE, marking the fourth such site the company has opened.

This latest Shell storage hub for GTL base oil joins the ones that it owns in Hong Kong, Hamburg and Houston, ensuring that the company’s supplies have a comprehensive worldwide reach.

The location for the new Shell facility is an industrial area in the region of Jebel Ali, which is roughly 19 miles away from Dubai. This places it near to markets where the demand for finished oils is growing.

Base oil is one of the most important components in the production of finished products, with the solutions manufactured using the GTL process most frequently employed in the creation of premium engine lubricants, transformer fluid, and process oil.

Lubricants manufactured by Shell, such as Shell Tonna S3 M 68 and Shell Tellus S2 M 46, have ensured the company’s status as an industry leader throughout the world.

The vice president of Shell, Dennis Cheong, said:

“Shell lubricants has a strong and dependable global supply chain producing high quality products and providing consistent delivery to our customers.”

Cheong added that the firm’s GTL base oil facilities were integral to providing this service, with the Middle East hub providing full transportation and storage integration.

Shell’s decision to opt for the UAE as the location for its newest facility indicates that the company’s commitment to that country remains strong.

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