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New Shell research centre could provide benefits across Asia

Works currently in progress at a new Shell Lubricants research and development (R&D) centre in Shanghai is set to assist business across the region.

The beneficial effects of the R&D site, which was set up earlier this year, could prove positive in Australia, as well as in China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and South Korea.

The research is concerned with the development of lubricant products and their applications in various Shell brands.

Shell has already created two technology centres in Houston and Hamburg, which are dedicated to the production of new oils and lubricants. The Shanghai facility will enable the company to collaborate with equipment manufacturers to develop lubricants that will reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of vehicles.

Having a base in China will also allow Shell to meet the expected rise in demand for its products in the Asia Pacific region. Product lines such as Tellus and Gadus will be enhanced by the research work, with new and improved compositions no doubt being created to stand alongside established successes, such as the hydraulic fluid Shell Tellus S2 M 46 and the multipurpose grease Shell Gadus S2 V100 3.

The firm’s Dr Selda Gunsel, who helped to set up the new lab in Shanghai, said that Australia also represents an important market for the company. Lubricants are required for the country’s mining sector, as well as heavy duty engine oils for its extreme driving conditions. Australia’s tough environment has been used by Shell to test engine oils and to demonstrate the performance of its products.

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