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New synthetic lubricant launched by Honeywell

The Honeywell Group has announced the release of an innovative new synthetic engine oil called Synlube 5W 40, which will first be introduced into the Nigerian market.

The group’s chairman, Oba Otudeko, stated at the official launch of the product that its release coincides with a period where the automotive industry in Nigeria is undergoing significant change. As such, it is claimed that the diesel and petrol engine-compatible lubricant would offer consumers excellent value for money.

Otudeko went on to claim that Synlube 5W 40 represents a motor oil for passenger cars that offers supreme levels of performance, which is produced using cutting edge additive technology and high grade synthetic base stocks.

The new lubricant was developed with the modern high output, turbocharged engines found in vehicles like trucks and SUVs in mind, as well as passenger cars. Otudeko added that its design ensures lengthy service life, plus high torque and engine power, thanks to limited engine deposits. He stated:

“Honeywell Synlube 5W 40 has outstanding thermo-oxidative stability that reduces deposits and sludge build-up, elongates engine life, improves fuel economy, delivers extended drain internal and reduces the cost of ownership.”

At the moment, this new lubricant is only available in Nigeria, but it could yet hit the wider marketplace, where it will be in competition with high quality synthetic engine oils like Mobil 1 New Life 0W/40.

It has already received endorsement from the Nigerian Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), with its assistant director, Usman Ndanusa, stating that the agency was always interested in technological or product innovations that enhanced the gas and oil industries in Nigeria.

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