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New wind turbine set to be built in Cumbria

A wind turbine measuring over 200ft in height is set for construction by the side of the M6 motorway, at a location to the north of Carlisle.

A site not far from Todhills service station in Blackford has been selected as the setting for the giant wind turbine, with the development control committee from Carlisle City Council having given permission for the construction.

Initially, there were some fears that the presence of the turbine may prove a dangerous distraction for those driving on the motorway, but these were ruled to be unfounded.

A report submitted to the council concerning the application stated that:

“The turbine would be prominent locally within the landscape, providing movement at high level and would be visible from some of the primary windows and gardens of residential dwellings within the vicinity.”

It added that the development would not have a “significant impact” in the area, due to the pre-existence of a number of man-made features on the landscape already.

The council originally considered the application last November, but a final ruling was postponed until medical evidence into whether it could affect disabled people in the area had been submitted.

Now that plans for the turbine have been approved, the construction of it is set to create job opportunities in the area. Furthermore, once it is completed, the providers of lubricants suitable for operating turbines, such as Mobil SHC Gear 220, will also be called upon.

However, a second turbine application for Thrustonfield, at Moor Park Farm, was rejected.

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