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Noria offers lubrication online courses

Noria Corporation, which specialises in helping businesses to improve their lubrication processes, has begun offering its leading courses online.

Individuals from around the world can now sign up for scheduled courses, although only participants in the United States will receive a full-colour printed manual. Private online training sessions are also available on demand, which may be ideal for organisations whose lubricant team is split over several locations.

While purchasing quality lubricant products from brands like Panolin and Tygris is a good start, it’s important to follow good lubrication practices. For example, oil analysis can be used to inform maintenance decisions and cut down on unnecessary oil drains.

The available courses from Noria cover areas like the basics of lubrication, lubrication for food processing equipment, and lubrication for machinery, and there are three courses related to oil analysis and report interpretation.

According to Noria, the course combines the benefits of a live course, accompanied by instructor interaction, with the benefits of studying from a convenient location. According to the company’s website:

“Live Online Training brings our training experts to you. Using professional production equipment, the class is an immersive experience, allowing direct interaction with the instructor. Multi-camera views and virtual whiteboards allow for demonstrations and clear illustration of concepts.”

A video is also available that demonstrates the classroom experience.

Participants will also gain access to the company’s learning-management system, including recordings of classes for on-demand viewing, worksheets, and course slides. The Noria Academy Certification Prep app will also be made available for certification courses.

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