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Oil companies under the lamplight: Q8

Kuwait Petroleum International, which is associated with the Q8 trademark, was founded in 1983 and is a subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation that represents all of the oil interests owned by the state of Kuwait.

This is one of the world’s foremost oil conglomerates, although its activities are mainly in the Far East and Europe. Q8 is involved in the refining, research, sales and marketing of petroleum products.

The Q8 brand can be found on more than 4,000 petrol stations all over Europe. Q8 Aviation supplies the fuel for jets in over 60 international airports, while the company’s International Diesel Service caters for the requirements of road transport firms. Q8 Oils is responsible for manufacturing and marketing globally renowned lubricants.

Kuwait Petroleum International was initially set up to manage the marketing and refining elements of its parent company in countries outside Kuwait. From 1983, the Q8 network of petrol stations was established in Europe, starting when the company acquired service stations previously owned by Gulf Oil and BP. During the early ’90s, Q8 obtained further petrol stations in Europe from Mobil and BP, which meant that the company now had a presence in Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

In 1992, Q8 began operating in Spain and joined forces with AGIP, an Italian oil company, strengthening its business in Italy. In 1998, together with the Swedish company OKF, Q8 formed OKQ8, one of the most successful fuel station networks in Sweden. It also acquired service stations in Belgium and the Netherlands, consolidating its presence in both countries.

After increasing in size over the years through a strategically planned series of acquisitions, Q8’s latest expansion phase is taking place in the Far East. Refining facilities and petrochemical production plants are being established in Vietnam and China, and there are plans for joint venture manufacturing and marketing projects.

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