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Oil giants celebrate merger

Kuwait Petroleum International (Q8), the manufacturer of Q8 T750 15W/40, recently held a major function in order to celebrate the merging of Shell and Q8 fuelling systems in Italy.

The function was held in Rome and was attended by employees from KPI Italy. Also in attendance was KPI’s acting vice president for the European arm of the company, Khaled- Al- Mushaileh, and Alessandro Gilloti, who is the Managing Director of Kuwait Petroleum Italia.

KPI Chief Executive Officer Bakheet Al-Rashidi was also present in Rome, where he held a meeting with the Kuwait Petroleum Italia staff in their main office. Al-Rashidi, however, used the latest video conferencing technology to talk to attendees at the function. He took the time to congratulate the employees on a job well done and the fact that they had completed the merging of Shell assets with Q8 in record time.

Thanks to the successful merging of Q8 and Shell assets in Italy, Kuwait petroleum Italia is now the second largest fuel supplier in the country – something that Al-Radishi pointed out in his speech to KPI staff.

He also mentioned the fact that the teams responsible for merging had managed to overhaul a significant number of stations, complete a data systems link with the Shell stations, and develop logistical services, amongst other things, in a very short time.

Speaking to KUNA, Al-Rashidi noted that the merging had shown just how important it is to invest in the development of human resources.

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