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Partnership announced between BRC and Fuchs Lubricants

The major oil manufacturer Fuchs Lubricants has announced that it will be entering into a new commercial arrangement alongside the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

This organisation has become known for working with companies that create innovative solutions to ensure top-quality services and products, and with all of Fuchs’ FM and CASSIDA products manufactured in premises that are ISO 21469 certified and NSF registered, customers are assured of lubricants that meet internationally recognised standards for food safety.

The consortium is the UK’s predominant retail trade organisation, supporting suppliers and retailers via its four-part BRC Global Standards suite. This aims to standardise the criteria for food safety and quality, while guaranteeing that manufacturers meet protection obligations to the consumer.

Production, storage, distribution, and packaging are the four parts of the BRC Global Standards suite, covering every area of the food industry. This has made it a central requirement for many top firms in the retail sector.

Fuchs Lubricants produces a number of oils used to ensure that food remains in the best possible condition, including the synthetic refrigeration lubricant Fuchs Reniso C85E. It is products such as these that make this partnership with the BRC a seemingly natural step to some commentators.

Furthermore, Fuchs has expressed a committed to the registration of all its food-grade oils with NSF International, while its Kaiserslautern manufacturing facility, and all food-grade oils produced within it, enjoy ISO 21469 certification.

This standard establishes what hygiene requirements are necessary in the makeup, production and usage of oils connected with food, meaning that lubricants manufactured by Fuchs meet the current highest standards possible for safety.

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