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Premium cutting fluids for the metalworking sector

Cutting fluids are of significance for firms that engage in metalwork, and a wide variety of products is available. However, some manufacturers, such as Fuchs, have made an impressive effort to make products of only the highest quality.

These high quality goods outperform alternatives in different ways. For example, some are soluble and are helpful with respect to worker safety. Others have been developed with the specific needs of the modern machining industry in mind. Health and safety will always be an important topic for corporations that are involved in metalworking. Nevertheless, the appropriate use of some of the latest products should minimise any possible risks going forward.

Traditional metalworking risks

The Health and Safety Executive has made apparent some of the old health threats associated with the poorly supervised usage of metalworking fluids. According to its documents, dermatitis was a possible risk if employees were not provided with the right kind of facilities. Another potential danger was asthma, which could be caused by the inhalation of mist from various substances over the long term. Training has always been essential when looking after the health of workers in the sector and, while conditions are much safer now, a degree of care is needed to this day.

Soluble cutting fluids can make the difference

Some of the cutting fluids created by Fuchs are soluble in water, and do not threaten the skin of employees in the way that older products once did. Cutting fluids that are water soluble can be more economical than those intended to work in their undiluted state. A soluble fluid is made up of a concentrate that becomes an emulsion with the addition of water. The size of the particles in the oil has an impact on the look of the resulting emulsion.

However, it is another typical quality of a soluble cutting fluid that makes it such an effective asset. A soluble fluid is usually great at conducting heat, so it can be more efficient than a product intended to operate in a neat form.

Advanced products can help solve any further dilemmas

Manufacturers like Fuchs realised that there was scope for improving the quality of cutting fluids. As a consequence, Fuchs has invested in applied engineering and chemistry. Experts in these fields have come together to make a premium fluid range. Such goods emulsify easily, and are appropriate in situations where cleanliness is an absolute priority. Further, their use has positive implications for health and safety.

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