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Red Bull celebrates 100 races with Exxon Mobil

Ahead of the Jeddah Grand Prix, the Red Bull Racing Honda Formula 1 team celebrated its 100th race since it started using fuel and lubricant products from Exxon Mobil.

The team began its relationship with Exxon Mobil in 2017, when the company started supplying its innovative Mobil 1 lubricant for use in the team’s TAG-Heuer engines at the time, as well as its Esso Synergy racing fuel. Since then, Exxon has helped the team to transition to Honda units and enabled it to get every last bit of performance out of its new Honda RA6–series units.

According to an announcement from the team, in Formula 1 these days, marginal gains – even down to a hundredth of a second – are critical. The announcement added that it is:

“Perhaps 0.01% of lap-time that is deciding pole positions and ultimately winning races. If we can get there with a slightly lighter fuel, or an oil that allows the engine to run just a little hotter, with slightly tighter bodywork, then that can be the difference between ultimate success and failure.”

The team also said that its successes were in no small degree due to the considerable efforts of Exxon Mobil, which has a team of fuel techs on site who constantly analyse the team’s lubricants.

Formula 1 racing has extreme requirements that are far in excess of typical driving, but lessons from the racetrack are often later incorporated into commercial products, such as the Mobil 1 passenger car engine oil.

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