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Russia breaks oil output record

Russian oil output rose by nearly 4% in the month of September – the equivalent of 11.11 million barrels per day – breaking a new record for post-Soviet output levels. The figure is expected to rise even further in 2017, according to industry analysts.

The increase in Russian oil output last month was largely due to the increased drilling of oil companies, combined with low oil process, according to data released by the Energy Ministry on Sunday, October 2.

Russia’s rise in output occurred amidst talks between OPEC producers, including Russia itself, in regards to cutting production in order to allow worldwide oil prices to shrink. These talks proved fruitful, with an agreement from the major players to cut prices coming towards the end of September.

Speaking recently, Alexander Novak, the Russian Energy Minister, said that the country will “find mechanisms and instruments” needed to maintain current oil production levels should an agreement on limiting oil supply be reached.

On Wednesday, September 28, a deal to cut a modest amount of oil output was indeed reached, when Saudi Arabia, OPECs biggest supplier and critic, softened its view on Iran. This was brought about by continuing low oil prices that have affected all oil-producing countries, as well as big producers such as Fuchs, maker of Fuchs WSP 783-L.

Despite agreeing to an oil output freeze, analysts from UBS, a Swiss bank, still predict that Russia’s total oil output will rise by an additional 2.7% in the next year.

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