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Samsung announces battery breakthrough

Technology multinational Samsung has announced that it has made a breakthrough in solid-state battery technology that could result in battery packs for electric vehicles (EVs) being half the size, yet able to support a 500-mile range.

The UK government recently announced its intention to limit new car sales to EVs by 2035. While the ranges of EVs have been drastically improved over the last decade, they are still limited compared to a conventional vehicle when it comes to long-distance driving, especially with slow charging times.

Samsung’s solid-state technology not only delivers greater energy density—it also promises faster charging times and a longer life of over 1,000 charges.

While solid-state batteries are not new, the problem has been the metal’s tendency to grow needle-like crystals on the anode while charging, leading to short circuits and compromising battery life and safety. The researchers at Samsung got round this in their prototype by adding an ultrathin nanocomposite layer of carbon and silver.

The 2020s is being heralded as the decade of the electric vehicle as ranges, charging times, and performance inevitably improve further. Oil companies are largely unworried about it affecting their revenues, however, pointing out that electric vehicles still need oil-based products—such as Mobil EV Cool Drive, which acts as both a lubricant and a coolant for electric vehicle reduction gearboxes with integrated electric motors—and other fluids to effectively remove heat from expensive components like motors, batteries, and other electronics, thus ensuring a long service life.

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