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Schneider Electric joins with BP to help decarbonise customers

Schneider Electric and BP have announced that they have signed a memorandum of understanding to work on ways to help hard-to-abate sectors like heavy industry and transportation in the UK, Europe, US and Australia to decarbonise by scaling up integrated energy solutions.

As part of the agreement, integrated renewable power will be provided by Schneider Electric into energy systems, while BP, which also makes Castrol products like hydraulic oil, will supply a range of low-carbon energy from sources such as hydrogen, solar, biofuels and wind, as well as charging for electric vehicles.

BP’s Executive Vice President for Regions, Cities and Solutions, William Lin, said about the agreement:

“Schneider Electric’s expertise is complementary to ours, opening up more opportunities for us to jointly help energy systems decarbonise. Combining BP’s energy supply capabilities with Schneider Electric’s microgrid and energy management technologies means that together we can offer clean, efficient and resilient solutions to better meet our customers’ needs.”

The France-based multinational Schneider Electric provides automation digital and energy solutions to address efficiency and sustainability issues. It combines elements like real-time automation, energy technologies and services and software to make buildings, infrastructure, data centres and industries more efficient.

Speaking for the company, the Executive Vice President of Industrial Automation, Barbara Frei, said that many of its customers were seeking innovative ways and knowhow that will assist them in decarbonising their energy systems. She reaffirmed her company’s commitment to work with BP in progressing technology solutions that will help key sectors to become net-zero more rapidly.

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