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Scotland sets new wind power record for March

Wind power data for March reveals that turbines in Scotland sent a record amount of power to the National Grid, despite it not being as windy as during some recent years.

A total of 1,240,095 MWh of electricity was sent to the National Grid in March, enough to meet 58% of Scotland’s 2,146,872 MWh total energy consumption, which includes homes, businesses, and industry.

Speaking about the news, WWF Scotland director Lang Banks commented:

“As well as helping to power our homes and businesses, wind power supports thousands of jobs and continues to play an important role in Scotland’s efforts to address global climate change by avoiding millions of tonnes of carbon emissions every year.”

Banks went on to highlight that the UK Government’s decision to stop supporting onshore wind power will make it harder to meet international climate obligations in future. The UK Government previously decided to cease subsidies for onshore wind power from April 2016, although projects already with planning permission were allowed a grace period.

Onshore wind farms are often criticised as being eyesores, but being accessible by land, they are much easier to repair and maintain, such as by ensuring sufficient lubrication with greases like Mobilith SHC 220. Onshore wind is also thought to be one of the most cost-effective alternative energy sources.

In order to cut carbon pollution in a cost-effective manner, Banks suggested that all of Scotland’s political parties should unite to ensure the continued development of onshore wind power.

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