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Scottish wind power sufficient to power 95% of homes in May

Scottish renewables experienced a remarkable month in May with wind power generating enough volume of electricity to power 95% of all homes in Scotland.

Wind power generated some 863,494.63 MWh in May, a 20% increase on the 692,896.1 MWh generated in the same month last year. Data for the month also reveals that wind power could have met the average needs of all homes in Scotland on 11 of May’s 31 days. May 15 was a particularly strong day, with enough energy being generated to meet 99% of Scotland’s total energy needs, i.e. homes, businesses and industry.

Scotland has been a leading player in wind energy, which has become much cheaper in recent years. Advances such as larger turbines, better construction, and improved know-how have helped reduce costs. Improved lubrication with greases such as Mobilith SHC 220 has also played a part by protecting equipment and lengthening service intervals.

May was also a good month for solar power in Scotland. Households with PV solar panels in Aberdeen, Dundee, Dumfries, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lerwick, and Inverness generated more than enough power to meet an average household’s electricity needs, with Lerwick on the Shetland Islands enjoying the most sunshine.

Speaking about the news, Dr Sam Gardner, the acting director of WWF Scotland, said:

“Despite the disappointment of last week’s announcement that President Trump is to pull the US out of the Paris Agreement, the global energy revolution is unstoppable and continues at pace here in Scotland.”

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