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Scottish wind turbines met two-thirds of February energy needs

Data provided by WeatherEnergy shows that wind turbines in Scotland generated 1,331,420 MWh of electricity in February, enough to supply the average electricity needs of all Scottish homes or two-thirds of the combined 1,984,765 MWh consumption by homes, businesses, and industry.

There were even a few days when wind power generation exceeded Scotland’s electricity consumption. This represents a 43% increase on wind power generation for the same month last year thanks to increased capacity and stronger winds.

Karen Robinson of WeatherEnergy commented about the figures:

“With the increasing occurrence of ‘100 per cent wind power days’ there can be little doubt that Scotland is well placed to begin the next step of increasing the role that renewables could play in cutting carbon emissions from its transport and heating sectors.”

Wind power is often criticised for its unpredictable generation, but Scotland seems particularly suited to it. The Burradale wind farm just outside Lerwick, for example, has recorded an average capacity factor of 52% since opening in 2000, which compares very favourably with the European Union average of 25%.

According to lubricant maker Mobile, using high quality greases like Mobilith SHC 220 and oils like Mobil SHC Gear 320 WT can also have a drastic effect on wind farm efficiency by reducing operating temperatures, avoiding equipment wear and minimising the need for oil changes. Shell, meanwhile, estimates that lubricants typically account for just 5% of a generator’s total maintenance costs, yet it can lead to much lower maintenance costs and better reliability.

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