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Shell and Bently Nevada launch VitalyX for marine sector

Bently Nevada, which specialises in condition monitoring and asset protection, has announced the availability of VitalyX to the marine sector, together with Shell.

Combining the 60 years of experience that Bently Nevada has in monitoring and protecting equipment with the lubricant analysis of Shell Remote Sense, VitalyX monitors lubricant quality remotely in order to give early warning for necessary maintenance interventions. The innovative system uses artificial intelligence and internet of things technology to convert raw sensor data into insights that operators can use to guide maintenance decisions, thus reducing maintenance costs while also optimising operational efficiency.

Marcus Schaerer, the General Manager for Services and Technical at Shell Marine, said in a statement that his company was overjoyed at bringing Shell Remote Sense to its customers in the marine sector. He also said Shell knows how important great management of lubricants is to extending equipment life, adding:

“With Shell Remote Sense, ship owners and operators can continuously monitor oil conditions across multiple components on a vessel. Customers will have vital and predictive information at their fingertips to make proactive decisions on maintenance planning and extend equipment life.”

Bently Nevada Vice President Ed J. Boufarah said that digitalisation in the marine sector is advancing quickly. He said that, in addition to enhancing safety and streamlining operations, remote monitoring in real time also enabled substantial efficiency gains to be made, adding that the predictive capability provided by VitalyX enabled operators to move to an approach that is based on health, rather than time, and therefore optimise their maintenance costs.

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